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Our own event company

Here we have the very breeding ground for what is today Hi5sport AS, running a business can be incredibly fun but also demanding at times, therefore it is important for us to have several legs to stand on (sources of income)

Over the years, from 2010, we have arranged training camps with a focus on motocross, enduro, MTB and downhill cycling. Today we have around 250 participants at various training camps.

We wish to have something for exercisers, beginners, children and young people on two wheels

In 2023 we ALSO started a non-profit association calledTEAM mx training

With TEAM mx training, we work to sharpen the training for those who run competitions, focus on

higher tempo, different surfaces, starts and heat training

Below you can find some snippets/links to if you feel like exploring

a bit more. (click on the pictures)

You can find contact information at


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Club trainings

We can tailor your club's training weekend with everything from coaches, exercises, food and lunch out on the track or in the forest




We have come up with a vision that is important to us that we live up to, check it out here:LINK


Food outside

We can offer food at campers, events or perhaps you want to rent our event wagon with tent, wok pan and everything needed.

Contact  us for prices


ValHall MX

Here we have tailored a training plan in collaboration with three clubs located in the upper part of Hallingdal and Valdres in Norway, of which ValHall MX Infor link

MTB Guide

We are located in Hemsedal, Norway which is in the middle of the mecca for mountain biking. We have been involved in building, looking for many paths and with Nesbyen, Ål as neighbours, it couldn't be better!
Check out Hallingdal RIDES

Please Contact us if you are looking for tips or a guide in the area

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