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About Us

There is a thought behind the name Hi5 sport

Hi5sport is a company that works with distribution/agent service within sports products We who run Hi5sport have an active lifestyle, which is reflected in our products and services What are your top priorities when it comes to the equipment you use for your interests? Today, there is an incredible amount to choose from out there, both in terms of environmental aspects and function Here on our site you will find products that we value highly - perhaps the 5 highest for us

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Our Story

Hi5 sport started with an idea over a cup of coffee in Hemsedal, Norway

We who run Hi5 sport have a long background in buying and selling with many big brands. All our lives we have been active in many sports that require good equipment that works. Therefore, it is important to us that we can fully stand for our brands that we sell.
Products that we use ourselves and are happy to talk about proudly!

The life we ​​live here on earth is often about having flow, flow in life to live happily.
We believe that in order to flow in life, an active lifestyle is fundamental.
With an athletic lifestyle, we believe that hunger comes, we are always hungry for more! ​

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of the products, or perhaps you have your own brand that you think would fit in with us.

Meet us

Tord Olsen

Head sales

+47 907 93 000

Jonas Olsson

CEO / sales

+47 980 02 802

Our Clients

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