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DVO suspension #for rider by riders

We are looking for dealers for DVO suspension.
Do you have a company that works with mountain biking? Does that little extra burn for suspension perhaps?
Do not hesitate to contact us, we are able to deliver suspension and spare parts both in Norway and in Sweden.

In Norway and Sweden, we have several workshops and stores that you can findhere.
Feel free to surf to DVO's own websitehere, we have a lot of products in stock in Norway.
In Sweden, we have stock atVallåsen bike park


As we are keen cyclists ourselves, we are happy to discuss suspension with our customers, so please get in touch for some damping talk!

Here below, we have picked out a few picks.

Welcome with your questions, further down the page you can contact us!

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Onyx 38mm


Here you have DVO's roughest 

enduro fframe fork!
It works perfectly for both rough electric bikesr as for thoroughbred enduro bikes. It has a travel between 160-180mm and is available both with and without OTT
Read more about ithere

Jade X

DVO's spring damper that is suitable for both rough enduro and finer trails.
With a "climb switch" that you can quickly switch between three positions on the compression 
The DVO also has a progressive spring and a regular linear spring. Please read more about ithere

Topaz gen 3

Here we have DVO's air damper that has been updated with a more stable chassis. It comes with volume spacers for the air chamber, which allows you to adjust the character of the air spring yourself. 
You will find more informationhere

Diamond D1

One of DVO's first forwardsforks that rock hard even today. We would like to say that this is one of the best front forks on the market.  With a perfect flex on the chassis and in combination with Of The Top travel function (OTT)
So this fork makes everything from bumps in the road a dance of roses!


World cups beagle!

DVO Onyx double crown front dampening fork.
Here is DVO's downhill fork with a full 203mm stroke and 36mm stanchion 

Feel free to surf inhereif you want to read a little more about this super smooth á front fork

Send us a message!

Then we will contact you and help you


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Thank you for contacting us

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