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We offer custom logos on most of Mizu's products!

Do you have a company, association or any other project going on? Do not hesitate to takeContact with us, we can help you with a proposal for your idea. We have the supplier to many different companies!
We will send you a quote without obligation before you decide. Custom logo on Mizu products must be ordered at least 48 of each product. For orders over SEK 15,000, the goods are paid in advance so that we don't risk sitting with products in stock that have a custom logo on them.

We also have the opportunity to deliver Mizu products to stores throughout Scandinavia at good prices.

TakeContact with us about your company or shop and we can send over price lists

Welcome with questions or orders to us!

Digital Printing


Real 360° coverage around the productcan be achieved with enormousa details and endless colors. Perfect for elaborate artwork.

Laser Etch

Recreates single color graphics by removing the paint from the bottle to expose the stainless steel underneath. Very fine details are possible.

Pad Print

Suitable for smaller, detailsad graphics with up to 4 colors so it is ideal for company or club logos etc.

Screen Printing

Used for designs with up to 4 colors, full coverage of almost 360° around the bottle can be achieved.

Transfer Print

Used for designs with up to 4 colorsprovides, full coverage of almost 360° around the bottle can be achieved.

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Take a look at Mizu's own website to see all the products:LINK

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If you have your own logo, you can upload it here (jpg file 15mb)

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