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CHPO is a watch and glasses brand founded in Stockholm in 2013, inspired by skate, music and art. We're Made for Everywhere, which means we offer a good-quality, good-looking product, made under fair conditions, at a price everyone can afford. In addition, a clear majority of our products are produced from recycled materials. Drop by drop a river is formed.

As a brand, we strongly distance ourselves from racism, homophobia and hatred of women. As part of Made for Everywhere, every season we collaborate with a selected charity where 100% of the profit goes to their project.

If you hate gays, people of a different skin color or women, then do us a favor and don't buy our products.

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Our brands

These are our brands that we proudly provide for customers all over Scandinavia

Do you have a business, store or in need of our products?

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Mizu logo.png

Jussi Oksanen, an Olympic athlete and professional snowboarder from the age of 18, he has seven X Games medals and is widely recognized as one of the best backcountry snowboarders of all time.

It was while filming a snowboarding film in Alaska in 2008 that Jussi, along with friend and filmmaker Brad Kremer, realized how much the trail of single-use plastic water bottles was polluting their travels. Jussi's search for a reusable bottle that met both his demanding hydration needs and suited his style became a reality.

He started a company to fill that void and soon after, Mizu was born.


Today, Jussi continues to push all Mizu products to their limits in

real-life situations together with Mizu.

His passion for a plastic-free environment is matched only by his passion for creating sustainable products for like-minded people.

Check out Jussi in action HERE.

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Woolf Merino

Woolf Merino is a Norwegian brand based in Hemsedal. The brand was established in 2022, but it is already evident that they focus on high-quality merino wool and have a solid focus on sustainability. By choosing Woolf Merino you can feel confident that you are investing in high quality clothing that is produced with the environment in mind

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40 year industry veteran Bryson Martin, owner of Bryson Martin Racing along with Tom Rogers, John Pelino, Josh Baltaxe and Bryson Martin Jr launched the DVO Developed Suspension during Taiwan Bike Week held in Taichung Taiwan November 2012.
Bryson and his team were longtime employees of Marzocchi; they left in May 2012 due to disagreements with Tenneco's senior management. Bryson Martin was the founder of Marzocchi USA and was the inspiration behind the successful Bomber line as well as many other iconic models.

DVO stands for "DeVelOped Suspension.
They produced For Riders By Riders

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Motocross camp

Our own event company

Here we have the very breeding ground for what is today Hi5sport AS, running a business can be incredibly fun but also demanding at times, therefore it is important for us to have several legs to stand on (sources of income)

Over the years, from 2010, we have arranged training camps with a focus on motocross, enduro, MTB and downhill cycling. Today we have around 250 participants at various training camps.


We wish to have something for exercisers, beginners, children and young people on two wheels


In 2023 we also started a non-profit association called TEAM mx-training

With TEAM mx training, we work to sharpen the training for those who run competitions, focus on

higher tempo, different surfaces, starts and heat training

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